Angikam Bhuvanam Yasya 

Vachikam Sarva Vaangmayam

Aaharyam Chandra Taradi

Tam Namaha Saatvikam Shivam

#Fine ArtS



Performance at the SKCC Temple on the occasion of Maha Periyava Aradhana

Papanasam Sivan Music and Dance Competition, San Jose, CA






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Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

Recent and Upcoming Events - 2018



Nritya Laya Darpan's First Arangetram by Kum. Dishaa Ramesh at Center For Performing Arts & Education, Dublin High School, Village Parkway, CA

Jewelry and the grandeur of Bharatanatyam always attracted me as a young girl of 4. By the age of 5 I surely wanted to look like many that I admired. My mother more