Nritya Laya Darpan Arangetrams

Arangetram or "Maiden Performance" is when a student, after completion of basic training, presents a solo recital beginning with very basic to complicated pieces. This exhibits utmost dedication along with expressions that display maturity in understanding the core meaning of the pieces. The repertoire of the entire Arangetram is called a 'Maargam', which is the path to learning the intricacies of Bharatanatyam as an art form. The dancer is trained to complete the Maargam with minimal breaks showcasing her stamina by dancing for at least two hours.

On 25th of August 2018, Dishaa Ramesh marked the very first Arangetram for Nritya Laya Darpan. She performed with utmost dedication and passion towards the art form at Center for Performing Arts, Dublin High School, Dublin, CA thus making it a memorable milestone for herself and the School. 

Shrinidhi Gopal marks the second Arangetram for the school. An incoming freshman at the UC Berkeley, Shrinidhi is a high achiever and an extremely hard working student. Her discipline towards the art form has allowed her to realize a dream that she has been aspiring for a while. On 13th August, 2021 she will perform at the Center For Performing Arts, Dublin High School, Dublin, CA from 6 PM onwards. In the light of ongoing pandemic, her event will be a hybrid between in-person for very very close families and friends and also will be live streamed on our YouTube Channel -

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