You can find the link to our latest Darpana showcase form at the top of this page. You can also find it in our Instagram bio, @darpanareflectorseries. There, you will find a form that can be filled. Please fill out the form and submit it. We will review your entry and get back to you as soon as possible. Filling out the form does not guarantee a slot, but we will approach your application unbiased and work with you to schedule your performance. Kindly be patient and allow us the time to workout the logistics. 

2. How Can You Participate?

You can be a student learning Bharatanatyam, Odyssey, Kathak, Violin, etc.,. All classical art forms are welcome. 

Any student who is deemed an advanced learner by their Guru, who shows a promise of commitment to this divine art is welcome to participate. Commitment to bring to the dance floor a meticulously curated show is the only criterion. 

Any freelance performer who is looking for a great platform to come share the work they have so dedicatedly worked upon is welcome. 

We also extend a warm welcome to established artists and stalwarts in this field, who will be a major source of inspiration to the newbies and upcoming dancers.

Darpana Reflector Series

Darpana FAQs

After about 3.5 decades of learning, performing and understanding this beautiful art of Bharatanatyam, the need for reflection and introspection only seems to grow in magnitude. Thus my journey to reflect upon and share this with many others began.

My dance school ~ Nritya Laya Darpan’s goal is to teach this dance form to students in an undisturbed and focused atmosphere. NLD’s primary focus is teaching and enriching the learning experience of its students. Hence, in an effort to reflect deeper upon the valuable areas of Bharatnatyam and it’s various allied art forms, Darpana Reflector Series was launched in March 2020 and the maiden workshop hosted in May 2020. Visit our webpage - for latest & greatest happenings.

After hosting 4 wonderful workshops on topics well intertwined with Bharatanatyam, we are expanding our vision and our scope. What was just a platform to help delve deep into this art, will also now be a stage to showcase talent/learnings. Opportunities to perform will be given to any artist, young or established to come perform at Darpana Reflector Series. What we learn, we will get to share in its purest form. Performers and advanced learners from any Indian classical art form are welcome here. 

As of now, the performances have been virtual, hosted on NLD’s YouTube channel. However, we are hoping to start our in person performances soon. 

1. Who Can Participate?

Aaharya Darpana - Ornamentation & Beyond

Registration is now open for this web based workshop, at the end of this section.

For any performing artist or a student of the art or a parent of a young, budding learner, it is imperative to understand what Aaharya or Ornamentation means and how much it contributes to the enhancement of the performance and the performer. Are you a novice at approaching and understanding a vital component of dance or drama? Are you looking to understand how ornamentation aides in projecting the inner expression of an artist thus leaving the audience with a lasting experience? Then we urge you to participate in this web workshop and benefit from all the tips and techniques that will be taught by our guest artist.

We look forward to your participation in this very interesting workshop hosted by Ms. Poorva Sarawat, who is well trained in both the Aaharya and the Abhinaya of a beautiful form of classical art, Bharatanatyam.

Registration is open till January 15th, 2023. 
Aaharya Darpana form 

As long as the performances are virtual and do not involve utilising the time and labor of other expert technicians like lighting, audio, video, etc., there is no fee involved. If you have your own studio space, we can telecast your performance live from your chosen venue. If not, you are welcome to use our studio and the audio-video equipment we have, at a very nominal charge. We do aspire to bring Esteemed and Celebrated Artists as our Guest performers and those will be ticketed.

3. Is There A Fee?

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