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After moving to the USA, in 2000, I started teaching young children, all the while envisioning about spreading this art form to larger recipients. The vision became a reality in 2010 and Nritya Laya Darpan ~ Reflecting the Art of Dance and Rhythm, my vision started to take form. It has been a very gratifying and enriching journey with learnings along the way. Having started from less than a handful to a good number of students today, from an apartment patio to a garage to rented spaces and now to a studio of our own, this decade has been eventful and for that I am extremely humbled and indebted to Him for having bestowed His grace upon me. To read more about the initiative, click here.

In 2018, I was fortunate to showcase my very first student Arangetram, a milestone in every teacher's journey in the presence of my Guru Smt. Vidhya Subramaniam and esteemed guests of honor. 

Nritya Laya Darpan continues to cater to the students of today bringing along several accomplishments through dedicated learning of the art form. 10 years since the school's inception, it stays true to its core principles and values, offering plenty of opportunities and platforms for our students to shine and showcase their passion.

The decennary year gives me an opportunity to reminisce upon some memorable accomplishments and to reflect upon the goals and vision of NLD. 

Smt. Vidhya Subramaniam

After much longing and yearning, I sought to continue and pursue my passion to learn from Vidhya Akka and she ever graciously agreed to spare time from her busy schedule to train me with nuances of the art form as perceived from an artiste's point of view. Sessions with Vidhya Akka are very enriching and informative. Akka has also been the source for me to learn the art of nattuvangam and mentor me in the same for my Arangetram. Although my time with Akka has been a little over a year, but it feels like I have been under her able guidance for a very long time.... maybe a bond beyond this lifetime.

Guruji as I fondly called him, adopted me as his disciple after my first guru moved back south and my yearning for the art form kept brewing. Under his able tutelage and guidance, the love for the art form started growing. Following strict routines, he encouraged me to complete my arangetram. Upon the completion of which, I realized that I could not let go of the aesthetic dance from my life. Just about a year later, Guruji left me and many others only to leave us yearning to be satisfied which in my case was fulfilled by his daughter/disciple Smt. Kalaivani Rajmohan. I trained under her guidance until 2000 after which I moved to Bay Area, CA, USA.

Smt. Aruna Subramaniam

Guru Shri K.J.Govindarajan & Smt. Kalaivani Rajmohan

Akka as I fondly address, received her initial training from her foster parents Guru Shri G.V. Ramani andSmt. Ranganayaki, Periappa and Periamma as she called them, who were both pioneers in the field of dance. At a stage where I was deprived from regular learning under a Guru, Akka generously accepted me under her tutelage.

My Journey

My first dance teacher came from southern India and was living in government allotted quarters. She has been a true inspiration for me to know how dedication, passion and commitment can turn to accomplishments which is not bound by age. She taught tirelessly for several years and gave me a lot of opportunities to rid myself of the fears of being on stage with several pairs watching over. She now resides in Tanjore District of Tamil Nadu, where she continues to teach young girls. She was recently awarded with Dr.APJAbdul Kalam Award in recognition to her efforts in Bharatanatyam.

With the blessings of Lord Almighty, I humbly offer my salutations at the feet of all my gurus and share with you all a glimpse into the decade long journey of Nritya Laya Darpan. I am also very grateful for the continuous support of my family and my very near and dear friends throughout this time.

In 1983, as a 5 year old I started my journey of learning this beautiful art form of Bharatanatyam. A decade later, I completed my Arangetram under Guru Shri. K.J.Govindarajan Pillai of Bharata Natya Niketan, New Delhi. In the decade following that, I performed extensively under various banners in and around the capital city of India as well as in Chennai and Chidambaram. 

Smt. Gayatri Subramaniam

My Gurus